Sage Burping Cloth


The softest and most luxurious Burping Cloth made from our signature Bamboo/Spandex blend whilst still being extremely absorbent. Each set comes with 1 x Coloured Cloth + 1 x Cream Cloth + VIXSA branded laundry wash bag.
Our washable burp cloths are made from 4 layers: 
  • VIXSA Signature coloured Bamboo/Spandex blend
  • TPU breathable waterproof film
  • Ultra-fine Bamboo Fibre fabric
  • Bamboo terry Towelling
Approximately 37 x 22 cm 

Machine washable - simply throw them in the washing machine in the bonus laundry bag included and line dry in the sunshine. Avoid the use of fabric softener as this can affect the absorbency of the burping cloth.