Petit Gold Pram/Stroller Hooks - Black Vegan Leather


The pram hooks you didn't know you needed...until you can't live without them.

Petit Gold is an elegant pram hook for the parent who appreciates minimalism. This sleek design is made specifically for holding pram caddies and baby bags with a ring to clip onto. 

These luxe vegan leather hooks give you the convenience of hanging your essentials off the stroller handle bars with a sleek, minimalist style. Perfect for hanging you baby bag, pram caddy, wipes pouch or even your baby's pacifier holder.   

Practical yet stylish, these pram hooks look great hanging off the pram and are compatible with most baby bags and pram caddy organisers. Just clip and go!

  • Vegan leather with polished gold swivel hooks.
  • Compatible with most prams, baby bags and pram caddy organisers. 
  • Sold as a pair. 


  • Leather length: 15cm
  • Fits pram handles up to 14cm diameter
  • Please measure your pram handles to ensure fit before purchasing. 
  • Weight load tested to 5kg. Please do not overload your pram hooks. 

How to attach

To attach the pram hooks, simply place the leather strap around the handlebar of your pram, slip the gold hook through and pull down to tighten. Then clip your baby bag or pram caddy on and go!