Scissor scoop

Here's the scoop: These unique tools are a handy way to build the muscles needed for scissor cutting!

Tools feature translucent scoops and easy to grip handles for developing fine motor skills and capturing all small items. Holes in the scoops allow for catch-and-release fun during water play.

The perfect addition to any sensory tub or messy-play set up.

Skill Development:

Fine Motor- Helps develop eye-hand coordination by grabbing small manipulatives or snacks with the Scissor Scoopers.

Sensory Integration- Use the Scissor Scoopers in a sand box or water table to discover how the different substances sift through the holes of the Scissor Scoopers.

Additional info:

• Made of plastic

• Sold individually

• In varying colours (chosen at random)

• Measures 15.5cm