Dummy Case


No more hunting through the nappy bag trying to find your crying babies dummy! Our silicone dummy holder has a handy silicone strap that easily loops onto just about anything! Why not simply attach to the outside of the baby bag for instant locating, simple simple!

Our food grade silicone dummy holder easily stores your babies dummy for super quick locating! It is soft, buttery and durable to handle all of your daily activities.

These little holders are 6.5cm in diameter and 22cm in length and store 1 -2 dummies (depending on the brand and size).

Wash your dummy case prior to use in warm soapy water and dry completely. 

Top shelf dishwasher safe!

This product is NOT A TOY!! Do not leave unattended with baby or child as this product can pose a strangulation hazard. Do not attach to baby!

FULL DISCLOSURE: The thin silicone loop cord is super stretchy to easily loop around objects to secure however if pulled too hard can break. Please be gentle and don't over stretch or pull hard on the cord.