Fleur, the Floral Wipes Pouch


She's fun, she's fresh, she's unapologetically floral and she's ready to take you out of the house in style!

Elevate your look and your COVID-Safe essentials by keeping Fleur in your everyday bag. She will always be at the ready with your choice of antiseptic or baby wipes.

Our new design features a fully detachable gold release clasp and wrist strap so you can add her onto any baby bag. Of course she also slips straight into our signature black Nappy Change Clutch wipes holder pocket.

Available in a Clutch Set or absolutely fabulous all on her own.

About this product

These wipes cases will protect and store your wet wipes*, and with a removable wrist strap are custom made to fit effortlessly into our Nappy Change Clutch

This reusable wipes case is flexible, waterproof, light and made from baby safe materials. Keep one in your Nappy Change Clutch and one in your baby bag, handbag, pram, car or carry on luggage when travelling. 

Fill these gorgeous baby wipes cases with your favourite wet wipes and you'll always be prepared.


  • Clever zip closure and flip top lid keeps wet wipes from drying out
  • Removable wrist strap, can be used to hang the wipes case off your stroller
  • Fits up to 20 extra thick baby wipes
  • Translucent design so you know when to refill – no more empty wipes packet surprises!
  • Environmentally conscious and cost efficient, you can buy your baby wipes in bulk and refill as needed
  • Suitable for baby wipes, water wipes, flushable wipes, make up remover wipes and sanitiser wipes
  • Made of baby safe EVA. Free from BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalates